You can report a person or business for using pesticides without giving advanced notice which include:

  • Property owners with a lawn or other kind of green space larger than 100 square feet that didn't post warning signs when using pesticides or pesticide-containing fertilizers outdoors
  • Commercial lawn pesticide applicators that didn't provide neighbors 48 hours written notice before applying lawn care pesticides
  • Residential or non-residential building owners that didn't give occupants 24 hours written notice to occupants before a scheduled pesticide application

Advanced notice must be given for all commercial lawn pesticide applications except:

• Anti-microbial pesticides, such as disinfectants. 
• Aerosol products with a directed spray in containers of 18 fluid ounces or less for use against stinging or biting insects. (This exemption does not include wide spraying foggers or aerosol products). 
• Non-volatile insect or rodent bait in a tamper-resistant container. 
• Pesticides classified by EPA as exempt materials under 40 CFR Part 152.25
• Pesticides classified by EPA as “reduced risk,” including biopesticides. 
• Boric acid and disodium octaborate tetrahydrate. 
• Horticultural soaps and oils that do not contain synthetic pesticides or synergists such as piperonyl butoxide. 
• Granular pesticides applied to the ground. (This exemption does not include dusts or powders.) 
• Pesticides directly injected into a plant or the ground. 
• Spot applications of a pesticide (applications of pesticides in a manually pressurized or non-pressurized container of 32 oz. or less, applied to an area less than nine square feet). 
• Pesticides applied to the ground or turf of any cemetery. This exemption does not include applications to trees and shrubs. 
• Emergency applications.

Learn more about the Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law.

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) to report the problem or request a permit.

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