Call 911
Call 911 to report any dangerous condition including fumes, smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide from a boiler inside a building.

Need something else?

You can report a boiler in a residential building, a mixed use building, NYCHA public housing, or a commercial building that is: 

  • Defective
  • Not working
  • Not registered
  • Has no permit
  • Noisy

Permits are required for installation and alteration of boilers. Boilers in six or more unit dwellings or commercial space must be inspected every year.

The Department of Buildings does not take complaints for no heat or hot water for residential buildings.

Include in your report, if possible:

  • If the building is a private house or an apartment, mixed use, or commercial building
  • How many apartments or units are in the building
  • If you live in the building
  • If you have told the landlord or super about the problem
  • If there is heat and hot water
  • What is wrong with the boiler, if you know

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