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  • Water and Sewer Bill for assistance with your bill, past charges, invoice data, or your DEP online account

You can report a problem with a water meter.

Report a water meter that is:

Do not use this form for problems with billing, charges, invoice data, or your DEP online account. For any of these issues, you can email DEP at or call their Bureau of Customer Services Water Meter Services and Billing, Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM, at (718) 595-7000.

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Picture or video attachments may be used for informational purposes only. A condition must be observed in person by a DEP inspector for a summons or Commissioner's order to be issued.

For most small properties in New York City, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for the initial installation, replacement, and repair of water meters.

There are some occasions where the property owner may be responsible – and all newly constructed or renovated properties must install water meters at their own expense.

Property owners: 

  • Are responsible for protecting the water meter, ensuring that it is not damaged by freezing weather or negligence.
  • May also be responsible for replacement of the meter if it is illegally removed.
  • Must follow DEP water regulations. If the owner does not follow regulations, DEP may give the owner a ticket.

The water meter is replaced if:

  • The meter cannot be read from the outdoors, resulting in estimated bills and inconvenience to the customer
  • The meter is more than 10 years old
  • The meter has stopped working
  • The meter needs updated electronics

If you own a home, it is your responsibility to maintain your water pipes and keep them from freezing.  The City does not provide a service to assist with thawing frozen pipes.  

You should contact a licensed plumber for assistance.

Learn how to prevent frozen pipes or water meters.

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