You can file a complaint about a carpet or flooring business that fails to: 

  • Post or provide the "Notice About New York City Carpet Emission Limits" 
  • Give you manufacturer information if you request it

Carpet businesses must: 

  • Post the Notice in City stores that sell carpet or carpet cushion where you can see it 
  • Give you a copy of the Notice before installation if you bought the carpet outside New York City 
  • Provide the Notice electronically if you purchase carpet online for installation in New York City 

You can also file a complaint if your receipt does not include the following required information: 

  • Date of purchase 
  • Name of manufacturer 
  • Brand name 
  • Style name or number 
  • Model name or number of carpet or carpet cushion

What Happens Next

If you don't include your address or email with your Service Request, you won't receive follow up. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) will consider your complaint a tip.

If you include your address, DCWP will mail you a complaint form. You must complete and return it to DCWP. If you provide your email address, you'll get the form by email instead. Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

The notice must read as follows:


After July 1, 2013, carpet sellers may only sell carpet or carpet cushion that complies with New York City laws for volatile organic compound (VOC) emission limits.

Carpet installers and building owners and occupants may only install VOC-compliant carpet or carpet cushion in any building.

A carpet business must provide documentation showing VOC compliance upon customer request. Call 311 if the carpet seller or installer does not give you this information.

Keep your receipt to help track product information.

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) does not accept reports of rude employees. Report this type of complaint to the business.

For reports of discrimination, go to the Discrimination page.

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