Call 911
Call 911 to report illegal barbecuing in progress.

You can get information about barbecuing rules on commercial and residential property.

You can search for designated barbecue areas in City parks. You can also report people barbecuing in a park outside of a designated area.

You can use a charcoal, electric, or piped natural gas or propane barbecue outdoors on the property of residences, including the terrace of an apartment building when in compliance with the Fire Code.

The use of a charcoal, electric, or piped natural gas or propane barbecue indoors, or on any commercial property, or on any sidewalk or street, is illegal.

The Fire Department (FDNY) limits the use of propane barbecuing and storage in apartment buildings, including terraces, to a single small disposable 16.4-ounce cylinder. One- or two-family properties may store outdoors up to two 20-pound cylinders.

In all cases, barbecues must be at least 10 feet away from any material that may burn, and a portable fire extinguisher or garden hose must be available for use.

This 10-foot separation requirement applies to the following items that may burn:

  • Building siding
  • Furnishings, such as plastic or wood chairs and tables
  • Decking on roofs or terraces
  • Concrete, brick, and metal are examples of materials that may not burn.

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for help.

Barbecuing is only allowed in designated areas of certain City parks. Even within these areas, you may not barbecue under a tree. You must dispose coals properly and throw litter in the trash. Propane grills are prohibited.

Learn more about the rules for barbecuing in City parks.

If you plan to have an event with 20 or more people, go to the Park Event Permit page.

You can report people barbecuing in a park, beach or greenway where it is not allowed. The Department of Parks and Recreation has designated areas for barbecuing in certain parks and beaches.  Cooking outside these areas in a park or beach is not allowed.

Barbecuing in any City greenway is never allowed.  Greenways are narrow park areas, usually next to a street or highway, which were set up to allow more places for walking, biking, and other outdoor recreation.

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