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You can report a broken:

  • Floor
  • Stairs
  • Ceiling
  • Wall
  • Door
  • Window
  • Water pipe

You can also report a safety concern about a cooling tower in a commercial establishment or non-residential building.

Before filing a complaint, you should attempt to resolve the issue with the landlord, manager, or owner directly.

The Department of Buildings does not take complaints about unsanitary conditions in commercial or non-residential buildings.

To report broken or leaking plumbing in a commercial building, use the Plumbing Complaint in a Commercial Building page.

Federal law does not require building owners to provide air conditioners in commercial buildings or workplaces.

The City doesn’t accept complaints about commercial buildings without air conditioning.

Building owners are not required to provide hot water in non-residential buildings.

Tenants in commercial buildings must negotiate individually with building owners and make sure this service is specified in the lease.

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