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The Department of Transportation (DOT) Shared E-Scooter Pilot Program allows riders in the East Bronx to rent electric scooters (e-scooters) for short trips.

Shared e-scooters from BirdLime, and Veo are available throughout the East Bronx. The pilot will run for 1 to 2 years.

You can use each company’s smartphone app to find and rent an e-scooter.

To participate you must be at least 18 years old. Helmets are recommended for all riders.

Learn more about the Shared E-Scooter Pilot.

Bird, Lime, and Veo are responsible for system equipment maintenance and resolving parking complaints. Please contact the companies directly for the fastest response times for any issues.

When reporting an e-scooter condition, you must identify the company.

Bird scooters are silver and blue.

 Lime scooters are white and green.

Veo scooters are black and aqua.

You can report e-scooters that are abandoned, improperly parked, damaged, or vandalized. You can also report an e-scooter parking corral that isn’t maintained.

You can get information on memberships and e-scooters from each e-scooter company.

Bird scooters are silver and blue.

Lime scooters are white and green.

Veo scooters are black and aqua.

Program Feedback

You can suggest locations for new e-scooter parking corrals.

Submit scooter parking suggestions.

For general feedback about the program, email

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